Ankit Kumar

Summer of 2022

During my Summer internship, I was assigned a task using the skills that I obtained while learning Angular to create a website called "Upload A File" which selects and uploads a file from your local device to the Amazon S3 bucket. Once this task was successfully completed I familiarized myself with Amazon Web Services such as Lambda functions and how cloud computing works. In addition, I learned how to run end-to-end testing using Cypress in order to test our Jotto website for enhancement and errors if any. I then began to work on two of the biggest projects Quadrant 2 had to offer, Jotto and Blackout app. I was assigned to Q/A test the functionality of these 2 apps and report for any errors for our lead developers to help and patch them. Finally, I was assigned my last task for this internship and it was working with Amazon Web Services once again. I worked on this project with 2 other interns. We were required to create a Lambda function which generates a QR code and resizes them using Imagemagick for different screen sizes and store them on a S3 bucket.