Q2 is a product studio that specializes in mobile application platforms that help strengthen relationships between our clients and their community. Universities, Municipalities, NGOs and Social Justice nonprofits rely on technologies we have created to manage schedules, answer questions, send messages and collect videos transmitted under unpredictable circumstances. We thrive on partnering with clients to enable technology that solves problems in a viable and compelling way. Our solutions are well-documented by major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine.

Our Team

Jason Van Anden

CEO and Systems Architect

Jason Van Anden is an accomplished inventor, artist, and engineer. He founded Quadrant 2 in 1996, where he has created an array of technologies for companies large and small ranging from industrial robotics to beloved consumer facing apps. He is perhaps best known as the inventor of compelling social justice apps, including the I’m Getting Arrested app for Occupy Wall Street, Mobile Justice for the ACLU and  and WorkIt for OurWalmart. He will lead a select team of engineers and designers, ensuring the quality of this project from end to end. 

Randi Hazan

Director of Product Design

Randi Hazan is an award-winning designer with over two decades of experience creating irresistible customized print and web design solutions. During that time, she has worked on a vast array of projects — identity design, online publications, non-profit communications, and commercial promotions. Randi’s work has drawn recognition from the Print Regional Design Annual, the American Graphic Design Awards, and Webby Awards, among others. She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design.

Jonathan Scarpelli

Technical Project Manager

Jonathan Scarpelli is a passionate technical project manager with decades of experience as a software engineer. He started out working professionally as a teenager and grew to help create platforms, apps and websites used by millions of people. He has been involved in all aspects of software development from design to deployment. He is focused on doing that while fastidiously managing projects to meet the high expectations set by himself and clients. He earned a CS degree from Brooklyn College.

Jeffery Dabo Amoah

Front End Mobile Engineer

Highly seasoned engineer with a proven track record of accomplishments within the information technology and services sector. Possessing expertise in mobile and web development, as well as profound proficiency in database design and management. Adept at fostering strong community relations and contributing to social services initiatives. Holds a postgraduate degree with a focus on Computer Software Engineering from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, underscoring a commitment to continuous professional growth and development.

Ayesha Akhter

Quality Assurance Engineer

QA testing, UI designing and learned some updated soft skills with this amusing company who creates real life usage apps to websites. I have learned the practical knowledge of Angular, Native Script, Github, Webflow, Adobe XD to develop apps and websites like jotto, jotto web app, I’m Getting Arrested, ODI. My most concentrated area was QA testing using Jasmine, Karma and Cypress to test Blackout and Jotto Web apps. As part of my duty, I have worked individually and as a team to test and debug the issues found on apps, some frontend development with UI design and so on .

Chad Mathlin

Front End Developer

I have successfully undertaken several projects to showcase my skills and expertise. For one client, I designed and developed a demo landing page named "REACH," implementing custom code to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, I utilized Webflow to create fully functional websites and a "coming soon" webpage for another client. As part of my accomplishments, I designed a demo web feed version of "Jotto," strategically presenting card components for individual channels through coding. Moreover, I crafted a "Jotto Demo" follow-up page, intended for channel subscription on the web-based platform.Furthermore, I played a key role in enhancing the Quadrant 2 website by incorporating advanced features and modernizing it from its previous version. Additionally, I contributed to the redevelopment of the bystander website using Webflow, thereby enriching its overall functionality and aesthetics.

Rafid Karim

Full Stack Engineer

I had the amazing opportunity of interning at Quadrant 2. The sheer amount of breathtaking tech and knowledge I gained in such a short period of time still seriously shocks me when I think about it. A quick rundown of some of the work I have done during this short period: developing the Jotto Web App, a browser port for Jotto, development and implementation of AWS lambda functions that update data points within our database in real time, and an app that I built from the ground up : the revamp of I’m Getting Arrested in NS8. The environment was genuinely amazing and the staff are some of the best people I have met. 


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